For My Daughers 01

For my daughters

Today I have decided to pull myself together, once again, and aim higher, once again. My goals have changed a bit.

I’m comfortable, now, with being just a good-enough Father. I really under-estimated the difficulty, and need to make the goal realistic. And a good-enough Husband (I’m just not built to be too good at it). And a good Provider (which is also new - the previous realized goal was to get RICH).

So, I’m moving on to being a good-enough Father, a decent-enough Husband and a good Provider. The higher criteria for “Provider” is not due to its importance, but due to its understandability. In other words: there is no great barrier preventing me from being a “good” Provider. The barrier to being a “good” or “great” Father is baked into the times that we live in and the basic human condition.

Its just not possible for me to be meet the criteria I’ve set for myself as a Father. So, I’ll miss the mark. And I’ll be okay with just being good-enough as long as the following is met:

  1. I am present with each of you every day
  2. I listen to you, and work to understand your perspective
  3. I do not lie to you
  4. I have the courage to make the decisions necessary to protect your present and future selves
  5. I have the discipline to continue providing for your present and future